• Crescent Genetics

    Kaihere, Hauraki Plains

Crescent Genetics

Kaihere, Hauraki Plains

Home of the 'Crescent' Jersey stud line, Crescent Genetics Limited is owned by Mark and Diane Townshend. 

As the fourth generation to oversee the breeding objectives of the stud, Mark and Diane continue a rich history of pedigree breeding dating back to 1916.  The herd has a collective BW of 220; currently the highest in New Zealand. 

The farm itself operates a System 3 model on the peat soils of Kaihere while still firmly governed by low-cost principles and producing around 1,100 kgMS/ha.


BW Herd in NZ


Herd BW


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"When I first started out, the mentoring that DDL provided was awesome with plenty of support to back up the decisions I was making.  Nowadays I leverage off DDL in different ways… bouncing ideas around, getting a second opinion and making the most of benchmarking within their network."

James Courtman - Contract Milker, Crescent Genetics