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    Kerepehi, Hauraki Plains

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Kerepehi, Hauraki Plains

Raynham Jerseys, located in Kerepehi, is a family-owned farm which was established by Gary and Barbara Townshend in 1989.

The farm is home to one of New Zealand's very elite Jersey herds -  Raynham stud, with 100% recorded ancestry which has produced sires such as Ozark and Branson. 

Raynham Jerseys also have a 600 cow herd located on a 180 hectare farm in Pipiroa. Both the Kerepehi and Pipiroa farms are supervised by DDL.



Herd BW


Herd PW


Recorded Ancestry


Jersey Cows

“Our partnership with DDL is a team approach. With a complimentary skill set to ours, DDL assists us in executing our pasture-based, low-cost, outcome-focused farm system.”

Gary - Owner, Raynham Jerseys