• Raedon Farms

    Ngatea, Hauraki Plains

Raedon Farms

Ngatea, Hauraki Plains

Raedon Farms has been in the Challis family since 1985. The farm has grown substantially in size in the past 20 years and is an amalgamation of three dairy units and two run-offs, increasing from 60 hectares to a current 267 hectares. 

The 870 cow herd is predominantly made up of Jersey-cross animals which also includes a stud component of 100 pedigree Ayrshire cows. 

The partnership betweem Raedon and DDL over the past four years has seen a material increase in production.  







Pedigree Ayrshire cows


Production increase over 4 years

"As farm owners we have complete confidence in DDL and have seen huge benefits in our partnership with them. Most obvious is the increase in production achieved with a considerably lower feed input - we were an impressive 24% up in the first year alone. Working alongside DDL has also strengthened our relationship with the bank and opened up new networks which has in turn allowed us to grow our business." 


Noel Challis - Owner, Raedon Farms